There are a lot of social media tools in the market. Whether you’re a GovCon or government agency marketer, social media tools can help you draft and schedule content, engage with your community, analyze your posts and much more.

I always enjoy researching and keeping up with what works best, so I put together a list of my favorites. Here are my top five social media marketing tools.

1.    CanvaThis graphic design tool is user-friendly with an interface that isn’t intimidating, even for the beginner-level marketer. It features a variety of templates including social media-ready sizes for Facebook, Twitter and more. You’ll find cool shapes, text options and the ability to upload your own photos and graphic elements. Canva is my go-to resource for posts!

2.    BufferDid you know over 4 million users rely on Buffer to manage multiple social media accounts all from one place? Buffer makes it easy to schedule social media posts, monitor engagement and analyze each channel’s performance. It also has a browser extension so you can quickly share links and other internet finds via social media networks. 

3.    UnsplashTweets that include photos or graphics receive more retweets than tweets without images. So, it’s crucial to include an image with your social media posts, whenever possible or appropriate. Unsplash features an amazing variety of attribution-free images that are free to download! Just search using different keywords to find the image of your choice. They have an impressive collection. (If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try Pixabay or Pexels!) 

4.    nTuitive.socialSo, you want to revamp your marketing strategy but need help staying on top of new content to produce? Look no further than They provide algorithms to help marketers come up with fresh and interesting content, while offering ideas to increase engagement. It’s the Swiss Army knife of social media tools.

5.    MeetEdgarYou’ve got great evergreen content, right? Want a better way to schedule ahead? Try MeetEdgar, which takes content scheduling a step further. An alternative to scheduling one-time updates, this app reshares designated posts automatically over time. You can easily select which posts are to be reposted, how often and when. Additionally, MeetEdgar features direct video uploading and an unlimited number of available updates to make.

If you have others you love, please let me know so I can add them to my list!

Or, if you’re struggling to find the right tools, manage your social media or refresh your strategy, please let me know! My team and I would be happy to help.