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Are you wondering how to align your business development with the real needs of your government customers? What are best practices for connecting with government reporters at trade shows? What’s important to keep in mind when communicating to key stakeholders in mergers and acquisitions?

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Aligning Marketing, Business Development, Capture and Proposals for Must-Win Federal Contracts
This white paper explores how effective four-way collaboration among operations, business development, capture management and marketing can make a winning difference in government contracting. It also provides a strategic communications “playbook,” detailing essential marketing strategies and tactics for government contractors.
Best Practices for Creating a Reporter-Friendly Website
As reporters’ jobs have become increasingly challenging, corporate websites play an ever-growing role in engaging reporters who cover industry and business news. This white paper examines market research and published works to better understand reporters’ needs and how your company’s website can support (or block) them in their efforts to write about your organization.
How to Create Effective M&A Communications
Government contractors that create effective M&A communications for all stakeholder groups can substantially improve customer perceptions, employee engagement, the speed and effectiveness of an integration and market confidence in the new company. This white paper outlines how to create effective communications for your next merger or acquisition.
How to Win with GovCon Reporters at Trade Shows
This white paper highlights best practices for connecting with government technology reporters at trade shows. These recommendations are based on Boscobel’s recent AUSA 2019 survey responses from registered aerospace, defense and government media professionals.
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