ResearchEven decades of experience is no guarantee for success. To truly understand your clients and the market, you have to go straight to the source. We can help. Boscobel provides two types of primary research to clients.

Boscobel can help with thought leadership market research (we call it “Research for Reach”) or customer research:

  • Research for Reach” is a methodology that combines research, public relations and social media to promote market research to key audiences in the government contracting industry. At the same time, it builds an organization’s thought leadership brand. A “Research for Reach” campaign provides an organization immediate press coverage, as well as continued press coverage for up to two years.
  • Customer Research captures the unique perspective of your customers’ experience with your company, products and services. If you really want to know what they think, just ask! They’ll tell you whether you’re meeting their needs and expectations – and what they want in your next product or service. Because of our unique survey questionnaires, we simultaneously invite your customers to participate in your industry awards program and to become a part of your case study efforts.

Whether you’re looking to solidify a thought leader program or wanting to shape strategic plans, research can help. We can make sure you ask the right questions of the right people. Then, we can help you spread the word about your results to those who need to know.

Research Services

  • Research strategy
  • Survey development
  • Survey analysis and recommendations
  • Executive presentations
  • Press releases
  • Blog and article development
  • Social media promotion
  • Media pitches
  • Award nominations
  • Case studies


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