According to a recent Constant Contact webinar, “10 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2015,” businesses tend to make similar, common mistakes that stand in the way of their social media advancement, and we pulled our top five.

  1. Paying for Fake Fans and Likes. Buying fake fans will no doubt increase your ‘followers’, but they will not contribute to your page like a real fan would. Ghost accounts will interfere with any genuine engagement, such as; comments, shares and conversations.
  2. “Like” Baiting. Posting pictures that are provocative or irrelevant for easy ‘likes’, comments and shares will downgrade your page, e.g. a picture of playful kittens when you own a real estate company. Facebook has caught on and improved their algorithms to detect and prevent these stories.
  3. Quantity Over Quality. Less is more. Social media is always on, but that doesn’t mean your company needs to consistently post on its own pages. Posting well thought-out ideas creates more call-to-action to readers than quick posts.
  4. Using Too Many Channels/Networks. Not every company needs to be on every channel or network. Focusing on one to three networks at a time allows the author to create quality work and encourages community participation.
  5. Forgetting Each Channel/Network Has a Purpose. YouTube is the biggest and most popular channel for video, LinkedIn is the go-to site for networking and Instagram is the fastest-growing image-friendly mobile site. Each social network uses different tactics and strengths to appeal to target audiences.

If you have another idea, share here and tell us how it has worked for you and your company.