Thought leaders are generally considered the most knowledgeable and successful people in their fields. Being recognized as a thought leader is beneficial to both the individual and the organization. According to market research conducted by Boscobel and Market Connections, thought leadership programs build contractor credibility, which helps to capture those must-win contracts. Here are three tools for building a thought leadership program for your company.

  1. Start by determining which topics, issues or trends you or your company want to “own” in the press. Then find the appropriate public-facing thought leaders in your company. Compose an introductory email to these experts to outline the program and their role in the process.
  2. Review editorial calendars for targeted media and determine which will accept bylined articles or op-ed pieces. Then make a list of questions to use when interviewing your thought leaders on their topics.
  3. Share goals, targets and previous successes with your experts. Get them excited about the program! Draft and send the bylined article abstracts to the thought leaders for approval before pitching. Once approved, you can draft the thought leader’s article.

A thought leadership program is to educate and inform – not to promote or advertise. If your company needs support with a thought leadership PR campaign, contact Boscobel today.