PR NEWS recently released its 2022 class of Top Women in PR, which included 29 Change-Makers, 15 Entrepreneurs, 20 Industry Innovators, 17 Mentors and 23 Rising Stars. It was truly an honor to be listed alongside these talented women as one of the top 15 public relations entrepreneurs in the country. There are so many people to thank that I think if I listed them all, website servers would crash! 

I will admit that I’m not surprised to see so many high-caliber honorees included – women dominate the PR world and deserve all the recognition they get! Plus, it seems like the nature of public relations aligns with our human nature. According to a Midas PR article, public relations require sociability, alertness and great attention to detail, which are all things women truly excel in. As the President and CEO of a WOSB, I can attest to this.  

I’ve trained and worked with many women who spread their talents within a diverse array of industries. At Boscobel, my team of women is small yet mighty, and they get the job done efficiently. Their quality of work is a reminder of why I continue to do what I do and earning an award that reflects upon this achievement is more than proof of impact. It’s a signal that the future of public relations looks bright. 

The collective support that fuels women in PR is displayed in this year’s honorees. We see women from different backgrounds, different industries and different specialties who are blessed to have people who believe in them and their work. I couldn’t be prouder to share this recognition with them. 

After 44 years of business, being an entrepreneur is still just as exciting as it was on day one. I honestly believe our job now is to mentor the next generation of young women, to keep paying it forward. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. 


Joyce Bosc 
President and CEO