Becoming a thought leader in the GovCon market may seem like a tall order. However Twitter makes it easier to reach wider audiences to spread your message. Aaron Lee, from Post Planner, has compiled a list of 40 Simple Tips from a Normal Guy with 500k Followers, and we have selected our top five.

  1. Make Your Twitter Bio Intriguing and Real
    Using industry and GovCon keywords can help reach your target audience. Feel free to use the entire 160-character space to tell the reader about your company or employer, achievements, positions, like and dislikes, etc.
  2. Include Images with Your Tweets
    It’s as simple as this; tweets with images get more attention. According to Twitter, “Tweets with photos get twice the engagements as those without photos.”
  3. Respond to People Who Reply to Your Tweets
    Making a connection and creating a personalized response will not only increase your number of followers, but also increase the amount of community engagement.
  4. Know the Best Ratios for Content Types
    The standard rule of thumb: 30 percent of tweets should be original content, 60 percent should be curated content and 10 percent of the content should be promotional.
  5. Use Twitter Lists to Organize Your Tweets
    Twitter lists are one of the most useful tools if you’re trying to gain new followers in the GovCon community and keep track of other leaders in your industry. In order to manage and improve your relationships, use your lists and/or subscribe to others, retweet content, mentioning other users in posts and respond to tweets.

Following these best practices, as well as others, will help you manage your Twitter and become a GovCon thought leader in the process.

And, of course, please give us a call if you need any support. We’re here to help.