This time of year, many government contractors are engaged in annual planning exercises. We often get calls from clients asking if they should revise their logo, update messaging or build a new website next year. What they’re really asking is, “How do I know if I need to refresh my company’s brand?”


The answer has little to do with how long it’s been since your brand elements were last updated. It has everything to do with how well your brand represents your organization today – and the company you aspire to be in the future.

You might need a brand refresh if you’re experiencing changes or developments like these:

  1. Change in Leadership. Is your new CEO or COO introducing a shift in philosophy or growth strategy? Check your messaging platform to ensure that your website, sales collateral, marketing content and personnel accurately reflect your company’s strengths and vision for what’s next.
  2. Merger or Acquisition. Will your combined company have a broader product or service offering, expanded geographic footprint or extended market reach? You may need to update the company logo, messaging, and sales and marketing materials to speak to your new customer set.
  3. 8a Graduation. Image matters for graduating 8(a) companies. Have you established a distinct brand, with a professional image and clear strengths? As you plan for a successful transition, make sure your brand reflects all that you’ve accomplished as a company so far, and helps set you apart from your competition.
  4. Outdated Website. Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, you need a new one. In April 2015 – and again in May 2016 – Google started giving greater weight to search results from mobile-friendly websites. Whether you update your website to improve SEO or to aid your many government customers who rely on mobile devices for industry information, this is a “must do” task.
  5. A Great Place to Work (That No One Knows About). Are your unique company culture, stellar clients and generous benefits the best-kept secrets in your industry? Stop missing out on new business and excellent recruits. Update your website content, social media presence, sales collateral and recruitment materials to engage the right people. Let them know your company is for them.

As you attend industry conferences, conduct social media audits or surf the web for inspiration, pay attention to what others are doing. You’ll quickly get a sense of how well your brand stacks up.

If you need help deciding whether to dust off your brand, let us know. Our team is happy to help with a brand strategy or refresh that helps position your organization for success.