Did you know that Facebook is the top online social network in the GovCon and federal community? As of 2015, 64% of surveyed government executives use this platform, increasing from 57% in 2014.

Image Credit: A. Pix via Flickr

Image Credit: A. Pix via Flickr

For GovCons and marketers, these statistics can’t be ignored or underestimated. Facebook is a valuable tool for small businesses, mid-tiers and Tier 1 companies. Whether your goal is to share content, engage with followers, or increase brand awareness, there’s an app for that—literally.

There are many ways to optimize your GovCon Facebook page, and maximize its reach. Through sharing content, engagement via “Likes” and comments, and more, this social network can become one of the best tools for federal marketers and businesses alike. Here are a few tips on optimizing your page and getting the most out of what Facebook has to offer:

  • “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – When posting content, practice the art of brevity. Create short and succinct content that’s more manageable for audiences to consume.
  • Engage with users and brands. – “Like” pages and content, share them, and respond to comments. Thoughtful engagement with users and other companies is key to developing a loyal fan base and business relationships.
  • Behind the scenes. – Post pictures, videos, and even Q&A’s featuring your company and its employees. Share information about the brand, its purpose, team members’ bios, and post pictures from company events. This creates a community that could be attractive to your target audience.
  • Timely matters. – While everyone loves a good #ThrowbackThursday, be sure to post about current events and topics that are relevant to your target audience. Staying up-to-date is important, as it can help boost brand awareness.
  • Split test content/marketing strategies. – If you aren’t sure what types of posts will boost engagement among your target audience, try different kinds. After a few weeks, switch up the days and times you post. Comparing the first set of data to the second can help determine the best schedule for higher engagement.
Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

83% of GovCon and federal professionals between 45-54 years of age use social media. Additionally, 86% of 35-44 year-olds and 81% of individuals 55 and over use social media. Utilizing platforms, such as Facebook, can effectively generate leads, higher click-through rates, sales and more.

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