An effective thought leadership program is one of the top strategies contractors can use to successfully brand their organization and market to the government, according to a poll by Boscobel and Market Connections.

One way to energize your thought leadership program is to nominate your customer or your organization for an industry award. Winning an award increases visibility, strengthens credibility and helps your company position itself to capture must-win contracts. Government contractors should routinely ask customers if they would like to be nominated for an industry award. When done properly, this can also serve as content for a case study. With the reduction in trade show budgets and travel, agencies are depending more on awards and case studies to learn about best practices and innovation.


In addition the content from the award nomination application can be incorporated into a White Paper side bar. It can even be repurposed into blogs and promoted using social media. Finally, the content can be incorporated into lead-generation activities such as a Webinar. All of these tools should be fully integrated into a campaign.

Industry Awards Calendars

One of the biggest challenges in developing an aggressive awards program is actually tracking the awards. So if you do plan to incorporate an industry-award program into your thought-leadership effort, we took the heavy lifting out of the process. We created two awards calendars: one for public sector and one for minority and women-owned small businesses. Download the free calendars today and never miss out on a thought-leadership opportunity.