Now one of the nations leading independent buyers of GovCon paid LinkedIn advertising.

Today, our colleagues at Focused Image announced the acquisition of six new government contractor clients in just 60 days. They also announced a new strategic partnership with us! We are excited to bring the Focused Image team and their services to our clients for digital marketing, websites and branding campaigns. 

According to media sources, Focused Image is now one of the largest independent agency buyers of GovCon digital advertising and one of the top buyers of GovCon paid LinkedIn advertising. This gives our clients tremendous media clout they can’t find anywhere else. 

“It’s a true pleasure to work alongside the folks at Focused Image, who consistently support each client with top-notch quality services in the same way we do,” said Joyce Bosc, Boscobel’s CEO. “Aligning our team with theirs to help support clients in new ways was a natural next step, following years of collaboration.” 

Together, we look forward to continuing this momentum to support our amazing clients with services designed to help them achieve their business, branding and communications goals.