I wanted you to be one of the first to know that we’ve updated our Industry Awards Calendar for Q1 2017! It has public sector and cybersecurity awards for the D.C. region. Clients often ask me why we take the time to maintain these calendars. Some people ask me if it’s worth applying for awards.

Here are a few reasons why industry awards are worth the effort:

  1. Differentiate from your competition. Awards are an inexpensive way to gain industry recognition while highlighting your company’s strengths and accomplishments. This “third party credibility” is essential for your business’ thought leadership position.
  2. Reinforce your PR program. A press release, social media strategy and email campaign are all great ways to announce your award to your customers and partners. Make sure you ask them to share your good news. Some people will!
  3. Attract and retain employees. Employees love working for companies they’re proud of. Potential employees are drawn to award-winning companies. When you win, let your HR department & recruiters promote it on all internal and recruitment channels, including Glassdoor.
  4. Associate with champions. With an award, you instantly have something in common with other winners. Even if you’re a finalist, it’s a good news to share. The industry and judges will remember your company name, projects and executives.

There’s still time to apply for awards this quarter. AFCEA, SECAF, Northern Virginia Tech Council and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce are among those hosting awards with deadlines in February and March.
Good luck to you and your marketing team! And if you need any support, please let us know. Our team is always happy to help!