As most of you know, I am an avid reader, and when I find something interesting, I like to share it with you. A favorite resource is the recent Federal Media & Marketing Study by my good friends at Market Connections.

For this Executive Tip, there are two data points I want to share. First, LinkedIn is the No. 3 social media platform used by government executives. Second, editorial content is the third most-trusted source of content. Both things are important for your thought leadership campaign. Most Trusted Content

With your LinkedIn account, you can self-publish your own content, such as blogs, case studies or op-eds!

Publishing on LinkedIn

LI Publisher

Take a look at Five Ways to Use LinkedIn Publisher. You and your executive team can kick-start your thought leadership program today. Here are some tips.

  1. Create Conversions with Calls-to-Action – Engage your audience with calls-to-action in your thought leadership content. A white paper is a good example. The Market Connections research mentioned earlier shows white papers are the No. 1 trusted source for government executives.
  2. Establish Top-of-Mind Recognition – Branded visuals will encourage people to click through to your post. They also help with engagement.
  3. Support Expert Positioning – Some blogs and media outlets limit your article word count. With LinkedIn Publisher, you can expand your discussion, promote the original article and publish additional content to get your point across. Remember to add hyperlinks and visuals/graphics that help explain the topic in your post.
  4. Increase the Reach of Your Message – This is simple. Once published, promote it on your other social media networks. LinkedIn Publisher provides tools that make it easier for your audience to share your posts on their favorite social media networks.
  5. Develop a Referral Network – Quoting experts in your content will expand your post’s reach because they will most likely share it via their own networks. This will expand your thought leadership to new audiences. Plus, you might be asked to be quoted in someone else’s post. You can’t beat that!

We know it’s not easy finding the time to create content. We can help with that. If you want to kick-start a thought leadership campaign via LinkedIn Publisher, just let me know!