1. Strategic Planning
    • Appoint integration team of vetted team, executives, POCs for HR, IT, PR, Ops, BD and IB
    • Determine schedule for communication based on deal plans (due diligence, opening, closing) and assign responsible parties
    • Create/reissue Press Policy 60 days in advance to employees
    • Consider assigning an M&A HR executive at site of acquiree
    • Assign internal and external communications documents
      • Letters to employees
      • Letters to customers/call scripts
      • Letters to vendors and subcontractors
      • Town Hall presentation for employees
      • News releases
      • Employee FAQ, Management FAQ and other HR documents
      • Presentation training for supervisors
      • Daily call at 5 p.m.
  2. Pre-Acquisition Activities
    • Hold all-hands meeting with managers to update and explain process
    • Ask managers to meet with their employees and to submit any questions to designated POC to compile
  3. Internal Communications and Announcement
    • Begin employee communication
      • Distribute letters with press release
      • Post information to intranet
    • Begin customer communications
      • Issue letter to customers
      • Schedule face-to-face meetings with customers for week following announcements
    • Issue announcement press release to selected outlets
    • Post news release to both corporate websites
  4. Human Capital Reassurance
    • Hold Town Hall meetings with employees, determine on-sites
    • Offer HR meetings for employees to review benefits
  5. Ongoing Communications
    • Send regular email updates and/or voice mail updates to employees
    • Set up employees electronic “question box” to gather questions, concerns and ideas
    • Address questions weekly via email, newsletter or intranet
    • Set up single POC (in HR) for continued employee meetings
    • Consider an informal Employee Leadership Group
    • Plan company event to celebrate milestone; present new and legacy employee with awards
    • Schedule a media tour with key publications to introduce new leadership team, share vision

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