Almost 10 years after their founding, Fuse realized the need for a more robust website experience for customers, partners and employee candidates alike. The Fuse story had grown, and the website needed to reflect their current culture, product line and positioning.


The Boscobel team oversaw a kick-off meeting with Fuse executives to discuss how they saw themselves currently and how they wanted to portray themselves in the future. Takeaways from the discussion included the Fuse story, strategy, mission, greatest strengths and key messaging, along with guidance on the look and feel the Fuse team wanted to achieve.

We created a website that revolved around the Fuse themes of Networking the Battlespace and Warfighter-Focused Engineering and Design. The Fuse News, About Us, Products, Experience, Careers and Contact Us pages were built out to cover all the important messaging the Fuse team wanted to include. Hero images were found that portrayed their story and a clean navigation system was implemented. We used Fuse images as often as possible and encouraged the Fuse team to hold a photo shoot to get more images that were representative of their team.


The Fuse website has served the company well for several years. Recently, the Boscobel team was asked to make a few updates. The new additions included a search function, new Resources, Veterans and Amazon Web Services partner pages, and more developed News and Careers pages, complete with employee testimonials and videos. We keep an eye on the Fuse website and continue to share updates that will enhance the experience for all Fuse website visitors.