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In the aerospace market, many new products can only be sold once they are “qualified,” or pass rigorous testing to verify that the design, manufacturing process and components meet rigorous requirements for specified platforms or conditions. So it was no easy feat when Cobham Mission Systems developed and qualified an industry-first satellite electric propulsion solution, the Valve in Tank Assembly (VITA) feed system.

Knowing that VITA was both the first major announcement since the acquisition and a strategic product launch, the Cobham Mission Systems team knew it needed both product and company messaging to support the news. The company turned to Boscobel, who had been providing Cobham Mission Systems with PR and marketing support prior to and through the acquisition, to support the VITA launch.


Boscobel knew that Cobham Mission Systems had built a reputation on solving some of the toughest aerospace challenges with precision critical control systems and components for high-stakes air and space missions. Cobham Mission Systems’ mission was (and is) to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. For the newly combined company, VITA represented a shared expertise and passion for next-gen technology solutions that extend mission reach and effectiveness.

Boscobel quickly crafted a product messaging platform as well as key talking points regarding the VITA launch. Building on those assets, Boscobel wrote the press release and led the content creation supporting an integrated product launch campaign, including:

  • Customer emails
  • Social media posts
  • Sponsored email with industry publications, to generate leads
  • Website content

Boscobel also helped to prepare the Cobham Mission Systems team for the launch, with:

  • Media training
  • BD tools and resources
  • Approved quotes for the media

Boscobel captured the expertise, innovation and reliability of Cobham Mission Systems’ solutions, featuring VITA.


Cobham Mission Systems’ multi-faceted launch of the VITA solution was a well-orchestrated campaign to introduce VITA to the aerospace – as well as to reinforce the value of the combined company to customers.

In coordination with Cobham Mission Systems’ presence at the Space Symposium conference, the press release, website content, social media posts and customer emails were published on Day One of the industry event. Boscobel distributed the press release to targeted aerospace media as well as to business and industry media outlets in geographies of interest.

Cobham Mission Systems’ VITA news was picked up in numerous media outlets, reaching more than 93 million readers in the first week. Among others, the launch was picked up in Intelligent Aerospace, Aerospace Manufacturing and Aviation Pros – and was featured in the Space Symposium’s Show Daily.

Within the first few weeks, as the marketing took hold, the Cobham Mission Systems team fielded product questions, engaged in industry conversations and accepted orders for VITA. Yes, the VITA launch successfully introduced an industry-first solution to the market. It also helped to raise the visibility of, and reinforce integration initiatives for, the newly combined company.