Launching and promoting a new website takes time and planning. Having a strong pre-launch, launch day and post-launch plan will help save you valuable time and increase visibility.

In honor of launching our newly designed, mobile-friendly website, I wanted to share our top five tips to help successfully launch your next website.

1. Have a “Coming Soon” Banner and Page – Instead of leaving your clients in the dark, or stuck with a generic 404 error message, try making a “Coming Soon” page and banner for your website. A small banner on your old site will let visitors know that a new website is coming. Additionally, a “Coming Soon” page during the launch efforts will remind any visitors that the site is being worked on, but will be live soon.



2. Create New SEO-Optimized Content – Try promoting new content on your site once it goes live. Visitors will have a new design to look forward to, as well as fresh and updated content. Also, remember to write content with SEO in mind, instead of waiting for the editing phase. Keywords should be considered and sprinkled throughout copy in a natural way.

3. Share via Social Media – Post preview images of the site before the launch on social media, and after the site goes live. Promoting the launch of your new website can be a great way to gain more traffic and links. Remember that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, as opposed to its plain text counterparts.


4. Email Marketing – Spread the word by emailing your contacts with a thoughtful message. Be sure to include a link to the new site, preview images and social share buttons.

5. Take Before and After Screenshots – Don’t forget to take both before and after screenshots of your website. These images are essential when submitting award nominations for your new website.Picture3

These tips should be a good start for your website launch and promotional plans. Of course, if you have any questions or need help, please let us know!